by Tereza Ondrová & Silvia Gribaudi
Performer Tereza Ondrová – Choreography Tereza Ondrova and Silvia Gribaudi
Produced by  Daniela Řeháková
The project is created with the support of MKČR, MHMP, Studio Alta, REZI.DANCE – Komařice. Co-produced by Tanec Praha z.ú./ TANEC PRAHA – festival and PONEC – the dance venue.
Première June 2022 at International Festival TANEC PRAHA
Performance inspired by “IN- SECTUM PROJECT” by Sara Michieletto and Elisabetta Zavoli.

This project started during the pandemic thanks to a remote meeting between the choreographers Tereza Ondrová and Silvia Gribaudi, who asked themselves this question: What would be life like if we looked at the world from the perspective of an insect? Can we turn our lifestyle around by drawing inspiration from other living beings? How can we shift an anthropocentric vision of the world?

This question arose during the project IN-SECTUM, created by artists Elisabetta Zavoli and Sara Michieletto. In Insectum in Prague, Tereza Ondrová and Silvia Gribaudi have explored this concept through the use of their bodies. Have you ever felt like an insect? How can we change our perception of the world in this moment in history, and find new ways to adapt to the time we are inhabiting?

Insectum in Prague started in 2020 and it was first presented as an online rehearsal session; it will premiere in 2022 in Prague, and in 2021 it will open up for an encounter on a first live sharing event.

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