Based on a shared idea by Sara Michieletto, Elisabetta Zavoli, Silvia Gribaudi
produced by ZEBRA Associazione Culturale
with the support of
Emotion for Change and IntercettAzioni – Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia (a project by Circuito CLAPS and Teatro delle Moire, Industria Scenica, Milano Musica, ZONA K)

Is a project with Silvia Gribaudi devised and carried out together with the musician Sara Michieletto and the photographer and documentarist Elisabetta Zavoli, and based on the experiences made by Sara and Elisabetta during an artistic residency held in Amazonia in 2019. The three artists gather to invite the audience to a joyful tree-centric experience. Cambium conveys the need to change the paradigm of human society: we live in a world where the anthropocentric perspective tends to deny other living creatures their own subjectivity, and to exclude every other life form, placing human beings at the centre and above anything else. The attempt to “see” the world as other non-human subjects do, and to imagine the interaction among the different perspectives, can allow to “unveil” the network of relations that all lives depend on. “Assuming” the perspective of other living creatures can help blur the boundaries that separate the single individuals, and feel a part of the whole.

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