INSECTUM IN (…) – work in action


by Tereza Ondrová & Silvia Gribaudi
Choreographers and performers Tereza Ondrová & Silvia Gribaudi

Light design Katarína Morávek Ďuricová
Produced by  Temporary Collective / Daniela Řeháková, Associazione Culturale ZEBRA
Co-produced by Tanec Praha z.ú./TANEC PRAHA-festival, Operaestate Festival Veneto, CSC di Bassano del Grappa
The project is created with the support of Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Hlavní město Praha, Tanec Praha z.ú./PONEC-dance venue, Studio Alta, REZI.DANCE – Komařice.
Performance inspired by “IN- SECTUM PROJECT” by Sara Michieletto and Elisabetta Zavoli.

Duration 45′

This project started during the pandemic thanks to a remote meeting between the choreographers Tereza Ondrová and Silvia Gribaudi, who asked themselves these questions:

What would be life like if we looked at the world from the perspective of an insect?
Can we turn our lifestyle around by drawing inspiration from other living beings?
How can we shift an anthropocentric vision of the world?

These questions arose during the project IN-SECTUM, created by artists Elisabetta Zavoli and Sara Michieletto.
In Insectum in (…), Tereza Ondrová and Silvia Gribaudi have explored this concept through the use of their bodies.

Have you ever felt like an insect?
How can we change our perception of the world in this moment in history, and find new ways to adapt to the time we are inhabiting?

Silvia Gribaudi and Tereza Ondrovà’s project stems from the study carried out in the IN-SECTUM research by Elisabetta Zavoli, a photographer with a degree in environmental sciences and a master’s degree in photojournalism, and Sara Michieletto, violinist in the Teatro la Fenice orchestra, during an artistic residency in the Adolfo Ducke reserve near Manahus in the Brazilian Amazon forest, where they created images and sounds to bring people closer to environmental issues and shift the anthropocentric view of existence. In INSECTUM, the study is based on seeing the world from the insect’s point of view.

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