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What age are you acting ?

WHAT AGE ARE YOU ACTING? The relativity of ages – Le età relative was born and developed within the frame of the European project Act Your Age

“What age are you acting? is based on a series of images inspired by time, periods and ages. The relativity of ages is a waltz of full and empty Inside of us we contain several ages, past, present, the projection of the future.We leave traces in time and are marked by time as it goes by. Do we surrender to time or do we attack it? Are we afraid of death or do we accept that everything flows?”
(Giulia Galvan)
Domenico Santonicola discovered his passion for dance while being a soldier in the Italian Army in his mid-thirties, practicing during his free time. He is 68 years old now, and fitter than ever.He describes himself as follows: “I lose my sight, I hear little, my heart beats faster, my voices takes a rest and my hands are more nubby, while my spirit and my passion are more passionate.”

ph Donata Kukyte


by Silvia Gribaudi
with Domenico Santonicola e Silvia Gribaudi 
assistant dramaturg Giulia Galvan
music : Alessio Rossato, Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls by Amar – Bryant – Cawdron – Efrim – Norsola – Pezzente – Tellier-Craig – Trudea and Estro Armonico Concerto N.1 by Antonio Vivaldi 
sound Paolo Calzavara
light design Leonardo Benetollo
 photographs Lorenzo Scaldaferro e  Donata Kukyte

Act Your Age 2013 is a stimulus for the European community to engage with the aging body through the art of dance.
Promoted by CSC/ Bassano del Grappa Nederlandse Dansdagen/Maastricht, Dance House/Lemesos, supported by the EU Culture Program 2007-2015
In collaboration with Zebra Cultural Zoo, La Conigliera di Anagoor – Resana, D.ID Dance Identity – Pinkafeld,  Teatro Spazio Bixio – Vicenza, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove – Venezia,  Kilowatt Festival – Sansepolcro


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